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I got completely sidetracked and have no remembrance of why I was going to post here. Something to do with - her.

I'm sure it will come back to me.

But.....I posted a pic of yet another Great Dane pup on my wall a little bittle ago.
My landlady - for those of you that are friends on FB - replied.  She is the first
one that replied on that post. She said:"Just get one already".

This is not a person that plays word games. She is very much to the point about
everything.  If she says it, the meaning of it is exactly what she says. There is no
reading into it.  I observe people.  I watch them and I listen to them.  Why? Too much
ulterior motives going on in this day and age. Say something and mean something
completely different.

Ahh yes, well, time to get serious. Been looking.  Not sure about a puppy.  I just don't know.
The dog pic I posted today? $1,200 they want for it. Yup, no thanks.  Good looking doggy,
yes, worth that much money to me? NO.

I can't remember what it was about this situation with her that I was going to post.  Gag.
Well whatever. I'm going to fill out the reply this weekend and file it this coming week.

Several dogs available that I am interested in : )  If I ain't gonna have a wife, then I am going
to have a companion that loves me regardless of ANYTHING.  
I'm switching back to my Blogger blog and putting this one back on the shelf.  Well, perhaps a few entries here and there during divorce proceedings. But we aren't on speaking terms at this point - she has completely cut me off - and there isn't much to report.  The situation with her and her finding the other blog was the only reason I came over here. Now I don't really care if she sees what I post or not.
In case anyone has lost it, the URL is: http://truckingjournal.blogspot.com/

Alarm clock went off this morning, bammm! Deep sleep, took a minute to get my bearings.
Got out of the house, got to work, bam.  Deliveries still on in spite of the fact that it rained all
weekend long.  Yes, that's a good thing, especially today's run, which had my out of that place
- the yard - all day long.  I was getting quite annoyed this morning at work as it was.  The driver
that trashed the 10 wheeler? Showed up late and then went into the receptionist's office and
chatted - for an hour.  The 2 inside salesman?  Laughing it up, yapping away, playing on cell
phones - yup - for an hour.  The things people will do - or won't do actually - when the boss is
not there.

Got out of there, drove straight to West Monroe, stopped at Pilot truckstop, fueled up, called the
contractor, got the stuff of the truck and then headed ofr Greenville, Mississippi.  Surprised me when
I looked at the GPS and found out it was a full 2 hour and 17 minute drive to get there from Monroe.
Basically 500 miles round trip. When I got to Greenvlle, I talked with the foreman there - he was the
only one there, they had just started the project.  Dunno if we are going back up there, if we are, I
want the runs! lol, takes all day, don't have to deal with the junk at the yard.  Well, he had nothing good
to say about two specific workers at our place, a subject I did not bring up but he went there anyway.
The dude that crashed the 10 wheeler? Yeah, he doesn't have a good reputation with the contractors.
AT ALL.  One of the inside salesmen?  Even worse.  This contractor is our biggest account, millions of
dollars per year worth of business.

They've already threatened to go to our competition.  Whatever the case, it was a nice day and I was happy
to have gotten to go into a totally different area that I hadn't been in before and see some interesting sights.

Got home from that and got to talking to landlords.  This subject of Val trying to get me thrown out came up
again, and no, I didn't bring it up.  The flatly stated that "Ben is our friend" and if that "shit" ever came up again,
he was going to tell her like it is.  We are friends, we hang out and talk a lot.  They're easy to get along with and I
try to make myself just as easy to get along with and also helping around the house.

Whatever the case, Monday is done, time to go to bed.  Looked at a very cool looking Great Dane puppy
on Craigslist today.  I was tempted, but can't get a dog until they get rid of the problem child that they acquired
a few months ago and now regret getting and trying to get rid of.  I'm still not sure I want to get a dog yet, though.
Just circumstances - dunno.  These people are starting to talk as if  I'm going to be around for quite a while - I'm
not saying anything different and I actuall have no plans to do anything different, but life - and God - and all of that?


Oct. 31st, 2015

I get a text yesterday from someone I don't know.
Hi, this  is Billy - etc etc etc - turns out he is Valerie's
adopted brother - or something like that, he was a little unspecific about it.
But, I do remember Valerie telling me about him.  A preacher of sorts, but
I don't really know that much about him.  Anyway, she must have given him
my phone number for I certainly don't have it listed publicly anywhere.  He
wants to know if we can talk - on the phone that is - about the situation between
her and I and if he can help with getting my stuff back or help with the relationship.

Huh.  The relationship is over, I'm thinking.  Good intentions, I guess but this is one
for the history books.  I guess he could help me get my stuff back if he really wanted
to.  I have no idea what she's told this dude.   I'm not sure I want to find out.  Well that
phone call hasn't occurred yet because........I simply don't feel like it.  I don't need or
want "pressured" into trying to make something work that obviously to anyone that knows
anything about this situation isn't working and isn't going to work regardless.

Whatever.  I was looking up car loans and looking at local dealerships online and seeing
what they have available. It didn't take too terribly long for me to switch all of that off.  I
remember all too well the exasperation of being enslaved to a 5 year car loan and nowadays
they are doing 6 and 7 years.  Why would you want to get into a car loan for a vehicle for
7 years? With the miles I'm putting on my car? It wouldn't last that long.  The car would be used
up and done with long before 7 years was over.  Even a brand new car with no miles on it would
be toast before 7 years.  I've got a grand saved up for a car.  Not even close, obviously, to anything
worth buying, but at least I have a start.

I'm trying to decide what to do.  Buy another vehicle or dump money into my current one.  There are
not that many pros to buying a vehicle on payments excepting you get a good vehicle that doesn't have
issues and hopefully will stay that way for a long time.  The cons are monthly payments for however many
years and higher insurance rates since you have to have full coverage on it.  Those two things make it
very unpalatable since I have done it several times in the past and get to hating the payments.  Only if I
could find a used car on payments for 3 years or less, I might consider it.

It's just that there are so many things wrong with my car.  The windows don't roll up/down. I have had them
fixed 4 times on the left one and 3 times on the right.  It was covered under warranty after the first time, but
still. The speedometer doesn't work, tach, fuel gauge and temp gauge all non-functional.  Something wrong in the
front end and needs a 4 wheel alignment - and who knows what they will come back and tell me when they get
under there but I know it needs new shocks.  The heater core needs to be replaced as well as the blower motor.
You're talking a lot of money to fix all of that.  I mean, more than the car is even worth.  I'm tired of windows that
don't seal shut and a blower motor that comes on and off at will.  I could fix that stuff myself, but, I have no
motivation.  Well, one motivator is it is far cheaper to do it myself, but still.  You have to take the entire  dashboard
out to replace the heater core.  Well, one youtube video says you can just barely manage to get the old one out
and new one in, but gag.  Who wants to deal with that.

The sheer number of problems with it is the reason I really would  like to get into a different vehicle.  This is a tough

Meanwhile, work.  No answer on pay raise.  I keep  getting informed that they are still trying to decide what to do
with the driver that crashed the truck. What does that have to do with a pay raise?  Well, this management crew
believes that getting more pay is directly tied to getting promoted instead of years of experience doing what you are
doing and how good a job you are doing.  Or the fact that if you and the other driver left right now, they would be
totally screwed and yes, we have had that discussion, a few days ago actually.  Anyway, there are 3 people in contention
for the promotion, apparently, but the driver that crashed the truck?  He doesn't know anything about computers and
has no desire to learn the system.  Well, that automatically disqualifies him because they want/need a person to write
up tickets at the counter.  But that leaves management in a dilemma .  He's been there like 17 years and they apaprently
are in "love" with him even though his work ethic sucks and he seems to have a disposition of getting into accidents and
trashing equipment.  This was not his first accident there  there were many, many others that preceeded it, at least 2 of
which I was there for when he wrecked the pickup and he wrecked the F550.

So.  How long does it take to make a decision?  Forever if no-one pesters them about it and just leave things the way they
are.  Yup. So, I am going to have to start getting pushy because this request was made at least 3 weeks ago.  Or, I could
just start applying at trucking companies - they are required by Federal Law to do 10 years of background checks.   Yup,
they would call my company to verify my employment history there, lol.  The new driver? Almost worthless.  He has already
stated to the other driver he doesn't like to work and that "I take my time" on runs.  Yup, he does.  He's still a temp worker
going through an agency.  We are going to suggest to the manager to put him out in the yard working and see if he sticks
around.  I doubt he will.  

Congratulations, you have been pre-approved up to $37,500!  Woo hoo. Lol.  I had to try at least once to see what would come up at a local dealer.  I'm sure the phone call will come soon enough.  They do have a car at a good price with low miles available though.

Well, I'm hungry, time to do something with this day. Just another rainy day in Texas.  
So.  I get to work this morning - after dealing with nasty traffic.  Some of the people driving out in these parts play some pretty incredible games in traffic.
Well anyway, I'm there for 10 minutes, out in the yard, out in the rain btw, opening up everything when I saw this dude walking into the yard.  Contractors don't walk into our yard, they drive trucks into our yard, he seemed out of place.  Yes, is Matthew here? He's the store manager.  No, not yet, he'll be here in a few.  Okay, he says well I'm here to start and he said to report to him. Here to start what?  I figured what he was going to say next, but I asked anyway.  I'm going to start working here as a driver.  Oh, cool, are you a CDL A driver? Yes I am.

That started Monday off right for me. FINALLY another driver that can drive the semi.  Not limited to me only, meaning I am not chained to that place and can take vacation days and get some off time. He's only a temporary driver, but in reality, if he works out and he wants to stay, it is a permanent position.  Manager shows up a few minute later and whisks him off to his office to fill out a pile of paperwork and do safety training. I went to work in the yard - lots to do and wanted to get most of it done before the real rain hit.  Which I did.  Cleaning up other people's messes and finishing other people's projects.  I don't get personnel starting a project, getting it 2/3rd's or 3/4's finished and then leaving it - never to come back to it and leaving a huge mess.  I just take it upon myself now to finish it for them - or it will stay that way for up to MONTHS, literally - and will not only look like crap, but will also take up a lot of space that is needed for product.  There isn't any part of our yards that aren't used.  We get in product for upcoming projects on a daily basis, keeping up with maintaining things is of utmost importance.   

Anyway, a couple hours later and most deliveries cancelled for flooded out jobsites, I am asked to do a road test with the new driver.  Yes, be happy to.  Printed out a check list - knew all of it but I wanted to make sure I remembered to cover everything.  My manager said maybe take him out on the Truck Route and turn around and come back.  My manager is a good guy, he treats me well, but he doesn't know anything about trucking or truck driving.  I picked the worst, most difficult route I could think of.  A driver that is confident of his abilities will navigate through it with ease.  A driver that - has issues - will have - issues out there.  I asked him some questions first. I don't want to sit in the passenger seat of a semi being driven by a person that has no clue what they are doing.  We get out on the road and I tell him to go a route that takes us on a portion of Interstate that is under construction, is reduced to one lane and has concrete dividers right next to the lines on either side of the lane.  \

He wasn't stressed at all, not looking nervously around and I told him - I'm not here to keep you from working here, just to observe how you drive. I'm not going to tell you to do anything.  I am not there to train the man, he should already know everything and not need anyone to tell him anything. He had great composure in that 2 mile long stretch and didn't have to keep checking his sides to see if the trailer is about to smash up against the dividers.  On down the road.  We're going to drive down Airline drive.  Notorious road.  Heavy traffic, a lot of stupid drivers doing a lot of stupid things.  Well, it was only moderately busy as opposed to it's normal thing but that's probably cause' it was raining and keeping people away from all the businesses there.  We get back to the other Interstate. The real challenge: driving through the middle of Shreveport on a busy Interstate on terrible roads and people cutting in and out of traffic.  Sure enough, there was a traffic jam and it was as good as it gets for watching a person navigate through extremely heavy traffic on a Monday in pouring rain to boot. The only thing he got nervous about was getting back into the yard. Well you can't make that turn in there. Oh, yes you can, trust me. Trucks do it all day long, you can make it.

Get back into the yard and final call was to make a semi-difficult backing maneuver into a hole on the side of the yard.  He started backing and got a little disoriented.  "I have no problem with you getting out and checking what's back there" - he immediately threw on the brakes and jumped out, got right back in and expertly maneuvered the truck into position.  So there it was. I was very happy to be able to report that he is a qualified driver, good to go.  But, I want the semi!  If I'm there, it's mine!  I have that privilege.  I've EARNED that privilege and they didn't argue it.  Sure.  Reason being? Things happen to trucks and people find out after the fact and trucks get trashed in the interior and I get sick of dealing with it. I have NO idea what kind of dude this is concerning cleanlieness, there are 3 other trucks, he can drive one of THOSE. He can drive the semi when I'm gone but when I'm there, it's definitely mine.

An interesting day is all.

This is day 7 that she has me blocked on all communication fronts.  Obviously, I could use a different email that she knows nothing about and contact her, but if she doesn't want to talk to me that bad, why bother?  Oh, yeah, to get my stuff back. If my landlady knows anything, she isn't telling me.  She is her friend and so she tries to remain neutral.  I'm not asking her anything, either, don't want to put her in that kind of position.  So what is she waiting for?  A Sheriff would have had me served by now if she had contacted them to do it. I have no idea, I cannot think like her, most people on this planet cannot think like her.

The only thing I did think of though, was that I could just hire a tow truck to go out there and get those 4 wheelers - but she would have to agree to it - that or I would have to be present to make sure it happens.  I have absolutely no/zero desire to go over there.  None, whatsoever.  I do not miss that place and I don't want to see it again. I like her property - the outdoors part with the cows and pastures and the forest with the trails they made for dirt bikes and 4 wheelers, but I can't say that I "miss" it.  I definitely do not miss that house!  My "missing" of her and kids has dmiinished to the point it's hardly an issue.  Pops up into my mind here and there? Yes.  All day long? Not even close,not now. They'll all ive the rest of their lives without me and it won't bother any of them, it hasn't thus far.

Whatever.  Rain - hasn't stopped in 3-1/2 days.  Forecast changed for tomorrow. Originally showed only 3% chance of rain all day long,now it shows rain - all day long.  Gag.  We've had enough for now, let's get back to sunshine!

I have lots of questions right now, not many answers.

Oct. 25th, 2015

Lazy weekend.
Haven't had one in ages.
It's been raining since Friday and it's made me incredibly sleepy.
It's 9:30 am and I am just now getting out of bed and still have sleep in my eyes and
my brain is just like, well what the heck, if this is all that's going on today - rain - might
as well go back to bed!
But nah, I'm up - not necessarily at-em.

They have Direct TV here now with all movie channels - and I do mean all of them - for
3 months so I will likely just laze around today and let my body rest up.  The work situation
has been extreme to say the least and has taken it's toll on me.  Probably why I"m soo tired
yet have done nothing since Friday.  No, I am not driving 35-40 miles in the rain to go to
church today.  Just another thing on the list, gonna have to start looking for a church here
in this town. There are plenty of them here, but 90% of them are on my nix list.  I don't do
mainline/denominational churches.  It fits for some people, it doesn't work for me. I guess I
could go to one to get some worship time in.  But if they are still singing out of hymnals I'm
just not that interested.

There is nothing new on the "her" front.  I have heard nothing from her, at all.  I wrote another
email yesterday but no reply. Reading up on the law, she either has to have me served or I
have to sign off on the divorce papers in front of a notary public, there really isn't any shenanigans
she can get away with (unless she wanted to try forging my signature, i guess, but i seriously doubt
she would do that).  So, I find it perplexing that she hasn't either taken me up on my offer to go to
a notary (much cheaper) or pay sheriff to come and serve me.  What, exactly, does this mean to her?
In her mind? No-one on this planet could ever predict.  Well, I do know her well enough that if she
had wanted to have this done, it would have been done by now.

Once she gets it in her mind to do something like this, it is done at lightning fast speeds. As for her
Facebook account, my landlady said Val unfriended her but - she has not deactivated the account. She
can still see her walll, just none of the content.  I was curious about that.  But, considering she wanted
my landlords to kick me out of here, just strange that she hasn't moved forward with this.

Next door neighbors have their 4 wheeler fired up and riding out in the rain, lol.

As for the pond - the dogs have been kept at bay with the temporary fencing.  That's a good deal.  I have
replaced the fish that the killed - yes, one of those dogs actually managed to catch and kill a couple of the
small fish, a thing I have never even contemplated much less heard of before.  How does a dog catch a small
fish?  But it did, two of them.  $11 worth down the drain, they were both Koi.  I am currently buying them at a
local Walmart.  I am not going to spend a lot of money on fish or plants until I am quite sure that thing is
completely dog proofed. They are  still trying to get into it.  Easy to tell, digging, jumping up on the top and
bending the top of the fence down - but - still not able to get in.

No news on the promotion front at work.  They are attempting to try and figure out what to do with the dude
that crashed the 10 wheeler.  He's been in at least 10 accidents in the 17 years he has been working there.
One incident he apparently ran into a car and dragged it a mile down the road - without knowing that he had
either hit the vehicle OR was dragging it.  What kind of nonsense is that?  I mean, I was rear ended once and
didn't know it, but that's completely different.  Small car hitting the trailer at the very back? Didn't even feel it.
Didn't know it, either until I looked in my side mirror and saw the front end - trashed.  They like this dude and
my manager has worked with him since  he was 17.  Yup, my manager has been there a long time as well.

I am not going to wait forever for them to make up their minds.  That dude does not know how to run Trilogie and
doesn't want to learn. You can't have a counter manager that won't or can't write up tickets. They already have one
of those, the warehouse dude - he's been there over 25 years and stuck in his ways.  But, contractors come back
again and again because of that guy, so they tolerate it and just send someone in there to write  up tickets for him.
That counter generates more sales than any other in several regions worth, it's a big money maker and the warehouse
dude is a good portion fo the reason for it.

They haven't fired the dude that wrecked the truck, so they are likely keeping him.  The problem with this guy is not just
that he is wrecking and smashing the equipment on the road, he also trashes them.  He simply doesn't care and that
very much irritates me.   But, he currently isn't allowed to drive which is a good thing.  For if they put him back into the
semi, I'm going to politely decline driving it anymore. If that ends my job there, then so beit.  I am very much tired of
getting into that truck after another driver has been in it and find it completely trashed with papers and wrappers and
junk laying all over it, smelling, nasty.  No thanks.  That dude doesn't do pre trip inspections, either and if there is
something wrong with the truck? He doesn't even know about it (flat tires especially) or he just doesn't have anything
done about it.  I warned management for almost 4 DAYS about a flat tire on the trailer.  They didn't say anything to him
about it until the 4th day and then he said: "I didn't know anything about it".  Well duhhhhh, that's YOUR job, you are
supposed to inspect everything! Who is going to do it for you? ROFL

This is only some of the stuff I have to tolerate and deal with at work.  If they let him start driving again, I likely will just
keep my mouth shut about problems with the truck unless I am driving it, which I will ask the manager to meet with, show him what this guy does to the truck and if he doesn't want to do anything about it, there are 3 other trucks to drive, I'll just stay out of it.

Well, Sunday is slipping away. Lol, okay not that bad it's only 10:30 am, but days off just disappear soooo incredibly fast.
Like they never existed. Weekends come and go like taking a breath and exhaling it. But rain or not, I have to at least go out and check on the fishies.  They're hungry if nothing else : )

Oct. 22nd, 2015

Well, I got to work today and simply stated that a Sheriff may show up to serve me divorce papers, after what I learned from my landlady last night. The counter dude started laughing: "Well it won't be the first time that has happened here!" He started going off on how many people that work or worked there had the very same thing happen.  Well, I was just not wanting them to show up and have people looking at me funny, Ima let it be known in advance. Well, the Sheriff never showed.

Driving home, I figured perhaps they would be here, but nothing - yet.  She has me blocked on Facebook and ins't replying to my emails - she likely has me blocked there but at least with AOL, blocking an email address does not kick it back to the sender.  It goes to some blocked file or something and the sender doesn't know that you have blocked him/her.  I haven't tried texting.  I just want my stuff back.  Every single time I have brought up the subject of getting my stuff back, she won't even respond to it. She instantly changes the subject.  I'm telling you right now, she is not getting my 4 wheelers. I bought them before the marriage and in Texas, you get to keep what you had before you got  married.  Over 2 grand worth.  They aren't new but the Honda 300EX is in great condition. FAST, too.  That thing will go faster than most people want to ride one.  The other one is a Polaris and it's huge. It's got a few minor issues but works fine.

I take it back, the Honda needs a new clutch - but that is over there, in a package received from me to them to replace it.  Actually, she never confirmed she received it even after asking her.  I have several items I want back and I cannot fathom how she calls herself a Christian but is acting like a child. Literally. A lady at work thinks she is bluffing.  No, I said, she filed the paperwork and I was sent a copy via email, I saw it.  Yes, but she could still be bluffing.  Thought about that for awhile, but I know her too well.  She is acting in a manner consistent - well consister for her anyway - that points her dealing with this.  I think she is seriously going to have me served, I just have no idea when.  And now that she is acting the way she is, I am considering at least visiting with an attorney to get some advice on what I should do.  It just depends on what the paperwork says.

I really want to get this BEHIND me and move on with my life.  I am a little uptight - maybe nervous the better word - about getting served.  As the lady at work said today: "Ben, you JUST got married!"  How do you explain that to a person? What do you say?  I tried my best, but honestly, this doesn't look good on either of us regardless of who filed.  Like - wait a minute - your relationship went that far south and got that bad in that short amount of time?  A close, old friend said Good! when I told her about the divorce.  She emphatically stated that younger generation can divorce and remarry, but older generation is too stuck in their ways to do that.  Yeah, well she's been married a looooong time, same husband, never divorced so I guess she can say that.  I thought about what it would be like to marry again and have the same results: 3 divorces?  I do not like that idea at all. I want to date, but I don't want to have another disaster.
Day 4.  I sent her emails asking about my stuff. She hasn't replied.  I kinda feel like she might call the Sheriff out of I just show up over there to get it, but, what is the Sheriff going to do?  Im not sure my manager will let me use the truck that I will need that has a lift gate on it, though.  It  has the company name plastered all over the sides of it with the phone number and he is hesitant about allowing that to be used for personal use. He doesn't have a problem with the pickup being used, but it doesn't have the logo.  I don't have ramps to get those 4 wheelers up into that truck.

Well, I don't miss the accusations, finger-pointing and lists at least.  As for today - I'm sitting at a jobsite in Natchitoches (pronounced Nagodish) where they told us they would have a person here at 10:00 am.  I called him not long ago and the guy said "we will try to get someone over there".  Huh?  Like he didn't know we were coming!

We haven't talked in two days.  She started in on me and I just shut it down. I have had enough.  A part of me misses her, but the part that doesn't miss her is the endless accusation and finger pointing and lists - literally written lists - of the things that she says are wrong with me and that I have to change.  I have offered to meet to sign papers and get this over  wtih.  What does she do? Block me on Facebook and not replying to emails.  I have no desire to talk to her on the phone, though I would assume that she also has my number blocked.  Well, I want my 4 wheelers, I bought them before the marriage and they are mine.  I'm going to try to borrow the F550 this weekend if possible, not sure how the boss will like or dislike that idea.  That particular truck has a hydraulic lift gate on the back of it, drive the 4 wheeler onto the lift, lift it up, drive it onto the bed and then get the other one, repeat, tie it down, bring it over here.

Here comes the good part.  My landlady works at a place where Val is doing a contract - and is almost finished with the programming.  Well, they are friends so she talks to her - about me - all the time.  Yesterday? Val tells her "he is using you".  She's like, what?  Ben is using you for a place to live.  That pond wasn't for you, it was for him.  On and on.  Wait a minute.  Ben pays rent, he is doing our landscaping and even if he did put the pond in for his own pleasure, do you think that when he leaves he is going to just up and take it with him?  Well, he's using you.  I busted out laughing.  I am glad Val wasn't there for that part, but this situation is so unbelievable and surreal, it's beyond understanding.  This actually started yesterday morning with a text from the landlady saying there was some "shit" we need to talk about.  After I respondedd she said, okay, I just wanted to ask you first.  Val told her I was planning on moving out and was saying very bad things about her, the husband and the baby.  What things? I asked.  I had stated MONTHS ago I was thinking about leaving the area completely after this relationship went REALLY bad, it had nothing to do with these people here.  The other stuff was nothing.

Anyway, she went back today again to that company and told my landlady that "it has been taken care of".  My landlady believes she is going to have me served at work. If she does, I am going to be pissed.  I have offered to meet up with her or have her served me here, NOT at work.  There are several people at that place that "know" Val, apparently they all think she is a .... nutcase... sad to say.  In fact, I have heard this over and over, everyone that meets her that you actually get to hear their true thoughts about it.  I was informed this today - 4 people there that have interactions with her at that place. I take no pleasure in it, I'm just not exactly sure how I could have alowed myself to get caught up in all of this.

Does it sound strange that after this is over, I want to start dating?  I know what I desire and don't desire now.  There's the perfect match out there somewhere, I know it.  Okay, it doesn't have to be perfect by any stretch, just nicely compatible.  We mostly like the things each other likes and we definitely communicate in a love language that speaks to each other's heart and soul.  That type of thing.  I feel sad for her kids though. Especially the young ones. It will be 2 divorces for them to watch and experience in - 2 years time. What are they going to learn from this? What will they take with them from this?  I doubt much of anything good.  In fact, I have to wonder how this will affect them in future relationships.  But, I cannot change this.  I have wondered, thought, pondered, prayed, thought some more, dwelled upon endlessly all of this.  It just won't work.  We've tried.

What's next.  Well, still looking for a dog. They are getting rid of a very destructive dog that they got recently.  If I find the right one, I might get it. I dunno yet. Just thinking about it.

Umm, saw a most ridiculous incident at a jobsite today.  Just saying.  These dudes were unloading my truck for over an hour.  I paid no attention to them.  When there is more than one person unloading my truck? I get back in the cab and do whatever - nap if it's going to be a long unload; get out my computer; listen to music, again whatever suits my fancy. Well I slept poorly last night so I went to sleep for a while.  Anway, when they were getting close to the front of the trailer - which had an almost 7,000 pound valve on it, I got out and warned them about the weight of the valve.  "I loaded this trailer. That valve had the rear wheels of our forklift coming off the ground.  I was able to move it slowly, but I'm just telling you, that is an extremely heavy valve".  I give warnings because I don't want to see people hurt or equipment destroyed.  That's the only reason.  If they destroy the valve getting it off of there, that's on them, but I do NOT want to see people getting injured.

Well, they get the forks into the pallet - they are using a good sized backhoe that has a fork attachment for the bucket.  When the dude lifts it up, the front tires on the backhoe almost completely flatten out.  Not to mention he was removing the thing but part of the pallet was still dragging on the trailer, meaning he did not have the full weight on the backhoe, something he should have gotten figured out BEFORE he had the safety of the bed of the trailer to just dump it back down on. Well, he got "lucky", pulled the thing off and it sagged down a foot but didn't take out the back hoe.

However.  The tires were flattened because of the weight and the giant back tires had no traction because of it.  This dude was flooring it, trying to force the thing to move it to the drop location.  The backhoe wasn't budging, the tires were spinning.  This is a cue, doncha think, to try something else? They had a giant trackhoe  (excavator) 75 feet away, it would have easily lifted the thing off the backhoe and carried it wherever.  But NOOOOOOO. This is when I step away.  If they want to hurt themselves, have at it, I'm going to be at a safe distance.  These people just never listen to someone that - has ample experience loading and unloaded trucks. I give suggestions. When it becomes apparent they don't want to hear it, I step back. Way back.  Out of harm's way.  

The next thing that happens? The pallet begins to break apart, the very heavy valve starts to shift sideways and the entire right side of the backhoe comes OFF THE GROUND. In fact, it's going to go all the way over, to the point the operator starts to jump off of it before the thing kills him. Fortunately for him, the pallet completely collapsed, letting go of the valve that then disengaged from the backhoe, allowing the backhoe to come back down to the ground. I'm talking JUST before it was going to go all the way over.

My question to myself is: why don't I have my phone's video ready to go when this stuff happens?  I could post some seriously funny and seriously dramatic stuff if I were to catch it on video!  Not every day, but when that moment comes, you have to be ready.  You can't be pulling it out of your pocket and trying to unlock it and get the video application up, you have to be ready.

Well,there's more I could post but I'm tired. Going to go to bed soon.  
Haunted Train Ride was fun.  You get on one of those trains with the open car seating and a very small, gas powered locomotive pulling it and the rail heads out into the woods - in the dark I might add.  I mean, they had no lighting coming from the train excepting on a few instances where they wanted to illuminate something.  Well, you come  up on these scenes out in the woods with it's own lighting and live actors. One where a man is butchering another man, another where a witch is chasing a woman - stuff like that.  The scary part was one point where a man jumps out from the darkness and literally has a chain saw that comes alive the instant he jumps out!  There was no chain on the saw, lol, never any danger but the motor WAS running on it!

Well anyway.  This morning, I got up and got busy replacing the very large area rug in my rented room. The old - white shag - rug - which was 8x11 in size - had stains all over it, it was that way when I moved in here.  I didn't like it and they gave me permission to get rid of it and replace it. Well yesterday, out in my travels, I came across a very nice run ata  great price! $65.  This rug would normally cost around $300.  There are no stains on it at all  and only a very few small wear areas that will come right back to life when I go and rent a carpet cleaning machine.  It was a tedious job, though, because the carpet goes under the bed, the futon and a couple of pieces of furniture. I took the old carpet out and put the "new" in without removing the furniture, that would have been a real hassle.  It looks great and the lady of the house agreed.  I'm happy that she's happy.

Now I am going to go through my closet and consolidate and get rid of stuff so I have room to get in there and hang up my clothes.  When I moved in here, I pretty much just dumped my stuff in there and I need to deal with it.  I don't want my clothes laying on the futon as if it were some sort of dresser - which this room doesn't have.  Actually, I could get a dressser and replace a piece of furniture, but I dont want to spend any more money on the room, I just wanted a decent stretch of carpet in here.  The room has vinyl flooring which is in very good condition, but I like carpet, especially with winter coming up and not having to walk on icy cold flooring in my bare feet.  So, phase 2 for today about to begin with the closet.  I am hoping it won't take too terribly long and I can get all of my stuff hung up in there and be done with it.

The temporary fencing I put up around the pond has held the dogs at bay.  One of them has tried repeatedly to get in there and has failed, thankfully, on every try.  I'm not going to have the beginnings of the pond setup destroyed by a dumb dog (this dog was born without a brain!).  They are getting rid of it.  The man of the house got it for keeping it outside to deter anyone from coming in the back yard.  But  this dog gets into EVERYTHING and destroys things all over the place out there.  Of course, it doesn't help that they have deemed that particular dog and outside only dog.  IF I were to get a dog, it would be with the understanding that when I am home? My dog is in my room with me. It's fine for it to be outside when I'm at work, but not when I am at home. Dogs want and like human companionship, really it's the reason tp get one, right? Not always, obviously, with security dogs that are only meant to keep patrol on the outside.

Meanwhile, I've got my sites on a huge stack of 1X4's or 1X6's that have been advert8ised on Craigslist in the Shreveport area.  It's a great price and the town it's in is only 45 minutes away (compared to going to Dallas for that other stuff which is 2-1/2 hours away).  I am determined to find a deal on wood and build a fence.  There is no possible way to try and develop a nice, serene, beautiful outdoor setting without having the dogs fenced off from the area I want to beautify.  Admittedly I could get my hands on endless chain link fencing for cheap, but it just doesn't look that good.  I suppose all these endless vines that grow in this area could be started on a chain link fence and eventually cover all of it, but it would likely take years for that to happen.  For appearance purposes, wood fences look so much nicer.

If I ever get this project to or near the completion end, these folks are going to love it, I guarantee it.  I just don't know how long I'm staying here, but I will continue working on it - on weekends only for now since my hours at work are ridiculous - and slowly transform it into something they will absolutely love.

There is nothing else, not much anyway. They did tell me they would love to have my 4 wheelers over here.  Lol, I thought so but had to ask.  I didn't go to church today, I'm just going to have to find one over here.  Just driving 35 or 40 miles to go to church is too much.  I love that church, really do, but the distance, considering I no longer have any other reason to go over there excepting on occasions when I need something in that town that I can't get here is just too much.  Not to mention Shreveport has more in it than Longview - the town I used to go into for whatever before getting thrown out and moving to where I am currently at.

Take it back, a little more. Got the closet done, got my clothes hung up but can't get the idea of getting another dog out of my head.  I really would like another Great Dane. I found several on Craigslist but they're pricey, cheapest at $400 most expensive almost a thousand.  They're all AKC/papered/champion blood lines.  There aren't any non-papered ones in there currently that I could find.  I'm not going to spend $800 on a dog.  I might go as high as $200 but that's the limit for me.  I usually take dogs that are other people's throwaways.  With enough attention and training, they have all turned into great companions.  I am going to think about other breeds though.  Pharoah Hound  but those dogs are even more  expensive than Danes and not easily found. Very unique looking dog.  Maybe a Catahoula like my Dane mix was.  No German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Chows, Boxers, Pits, Dobies or Rottweilers to name a few on the verbotten list.  No desire  for a vicious dog.

I thought it funny that Great Danes made it on the most dangerous breeds list, though the statement was that they "can" be harmful if not socialized properly.  What Dane doesn't want to be socialized? lol They do make a point that around children they can pose a hazard by simly stepping on them or inadvertently pushing them over.  One thing is for certain: I am not into the small breeds.  Just plain don't like them that much.  I can visit people with their small breed dog and that's fine, but I will go as far down as a medium sized dog, anything below that and --- no thanks.

I'm in no hurry to get the wrong dog, but at this point? I am definitely looking. 
This was the longest work week I have had in decades.  Literally.  Just short of 60 hours, drove 2,500 miles this week and I now remember why I came to very much dislike OTR driving.  Just drive all day long and try to stay awake and not get bored.  Lots of time to think.  They do sell all kinds of things to keep truckers engaged, I just haven't experienced this much of it in any given work week in quite a long time.
My body - especially my legs - are aching.  It's not just driving, it's also loading and unloading and the rest of what is required to get the job done at my work.  I'm headed towards burnout.  They need to get another driver.  Though I guess slow season is coming up soon enough and we might be bored out of our minds as well.  It's also going to get very cold soon enough and I am not really looking forward to that, either.
Further exacerbating the problem is my car.  I really need to get a newer model car, preferably a small, economy thing that gets mega miles to the gallon and is in good condition.  My thoughts of having to get back into payments is the thing that is stopping me.  I am trying to determine whether I can keep my current vehicle going for another year - at least - while I save for my next vehicle versus getting into payments. No idea what to do at this moment excepting that I have numerous issues with current vehicle and I am not necessarily liking the idea of dumping a lot of money into the thing.
Actually, I would rather have a pickup but a good one is out of my desired price range and fuel economy not so great.
I borrowed the pickup for the weekend.  I'm just facing the fact that the car is going to have to be replaced eventually - or soon. Who knows.
Meanwhile, the dogs have started using the pond as a pool.  I didn't realize until today that they have been jumping into it and - it is now completely brown and cannot see to the bottom.  I immediately went to Lowe's got some temporary fencing and set it up around it.  There is absolutely nothing else I am going to do with that back yard until a 3 or 4 foot fence is erected around the entire area that they want to transform.  I am deep into attempting to find used fencing at a good price. I did find some, but it's a 2-1/2 hour drive away.  Pricing for new is prohibitive and out of the question.  The fencing and the landscaping rock will be the biggest challenge to find at cheap enough prices.
This entire house is a project.  They have desires to get it nice, but they don't have the motivation to do anything.  They will help me, though, if I ask for the help.  Which I do at times, lol.  They helped put up the fencing around the pond today - though that was not an involved project and didn't take very long.
Back to the work issue, I have heard nothing about whether they are going to approve a pay raise or not.  Or, if I will get a promotion and automatic pay raise. That would help immensely in saving for a car.  Likely a promotion not going to come until they find a new CDL A driver and so far, that has been elusive.  They have had several people they were considering hiring - fail the background check that our company does for everyone. Well whatever, for the potential of a promotion I will wait until I see what happens with that.  Though, I am going to definitely continue asking about it.
Tonight? A haunted train ride.  No clue.  Just going with the flow here, would rather go out and do something fun than sit around all night long, though my body is telling me something different, I'm going anyway.  It's going to be a late one, too, but still I want to go.  It should be fun albeit going to get cool tonight, down in the 40's according to Accuweather.  The part about all this working is that - you don't get to have a life.  I love the nice paychecks, but it isn't work trading life for a paycheck.  Just isn't.  On that note, the driver that does - much of nothing - has been given some sort of ultimatum, though I don't know exatly what it is.  Just finding ways to do nothing all day long is exasperrating when there is so much to do.  An inside salesman has also been given a final warning: get your act together or go find a new job.  He has been doing major screwups that have one of our biggest customers threatening to go buy their product elsewhere.  I somehow think that unlikely for they won't get anything near the customer service level we give at our biggest competitor  HD Supply - who is running out of business as companies get more and more unhappy with them.
Well, time to get ready to leave.

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